The Orakas Food Dehydrator ecologically preserves  the nutrients and flavours of nature's bounty

Orakas Food Dehydrator was developed in Finland by experts. It brings within easy reach an environmentally-friendly way to preserve nature's goods. With the help of our food dehydrator, households, restaurants and the grocery insustry can take advantage of raw foodstuffs on par with fresh goods, wherever, whenever. Dehydration preserves vitamins and flavours like nothing else.

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The Food Dehydrator dries out mushrooms, berries and other seasonal treats

Orakas Food Dehydrator dries out natural produce such as mushrooms, berries, fruits, vegetables, roots, tea leaves and herbs without losing the products' nutrients or flavours. The Food Dehydrator can even be used for drying fish, meat and flowers. The dehydrators are perfect for private households and commercial useage with a range of sizes to choose from.

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At once a traditional AND organic method of preservation

Food dehydration is both a raditional and modern, organic way of preserving nature's seasonal products. The nutrients and flavours of the seasons have been preserved for year-round use with the aid of dehydrators for a long time, and now you can also reduce food waste by drying out foods you didn't manage to make use of, though you really wanted to!


Orakas dehydrators are hot-air dehydrators, the idea coming from generations gone by who lived in much-closer symbiosis with nature. 

By refining traditional ideas, our experts have created a durable, high-quality product: the Orakas Food Dehydrator. We continually strive to make our hot-air dehydrators more and more environmentally-friendly.

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Marlemi Oy – taking the Finnish connection to nature out into the world

Marlemi Oy is a family-owned Finnish company which has been active since 1976. Marlemi Oy's know their natural products and have developed the Orakas-dehydrator to ease life in the household, in business and in the food industry. We have been making dehydrators since 1979.


Respect for nature is one of our core values. We are developing Orakas dehydrators so that our already durable and environmentally-friendly products use less and less energy and leave an ever-smaller carbon footprint. That we sell spare parts the first products we made attests to their sustainablity. Orakas Food Dehydrators have a 2-year warranty.

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The benefits of Orakas Food Dehydrators



Orakas Food Dehydrators are developed by Finnish experts and refine to the peak of performance. Not only that, they are also environmentally-friendly and highly durable.


Two year warranty

We provide a two year warranty on all our products.


Long traditions

Orakas Food Dehydrators have been in production since 1979, the result of distilling experience and skill.

Food dehydrators for household and commercial use

The efficient Orakas Food Dehydrator can be found in three different sizes, meaning our range has dehydrators suited to both households and the dehydration needs of businesses of all sizes. 

Our dehydrators are unassuming and simple in appearance, as well as being durable and light on energy consumption. We would love to let you know more about our products, so get in touch and ask about our dehydrators!

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With the help of our Food Dehydrators, you can preserve nature's nutrients and flavours in an economic, environmentally-friendly way.

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