Drying useful plants with the dehydrator is easy

Drying useful plants with the ORakas Food Dehydrator is easy, and there are dehydrators for a variety of uses, such as in the home or in restaurants. Dehydration has fantastic benefits which you won't want to miss out on!

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Food dehydrators preserve natural nutrients and flavours

The Orakas Food Dehydrator has been created to preserve the nutrients and flavours of nature's bounty for people who want to make use of seasonal foods regardless of time or place. Witht eh help of a food dehydrator, you can dry mushrooms, berries, fruits, vegetables, roots, tea leaves and herbs, as well as fish, meat or flowers.

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You can find out more about the Orakas Food Dehydrators on our social media pages. We are on both Facebook and Instagram.

Dehydration is ecological

Not only do you get to enjoy seasonal foods wherever and whenever, but the products and methods we offer have additional benefits. Our Orakas Food Dehydrator uses little energyand is highly sustainable, so processing raw foodstuffs with it is extrememly ecological. Ourdehydrators are also useful in reducing food waste.If you have perishable produce, you can make them last longer in a wholly new way with the help of dehydration.Dried raw foodstuffs usually last a very long time.

What's more, dehydrating your foodstuffs can introduce you to newe habits and business opportunities. The modern consumer values natural and ecological ways of doing things. Let us help you serve your customers better than ever before - get in touch!

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Dehydration preserves nutritional values well. The food dehydrator is a next-level appliance which enables keeping the Finnish harvest for winter use. The nutritonal values are preserved well and the flavours increase exponentially.

Head Chef


Our Right of Public Access allows us to gather mushrooms, berries and plants. The wilds are truly a treasure trove, and in drying them we can preserve high-quality, nutritious produce. The Orakas Food Dehydrator is the a mushroom fan's Rolls Royce.

Hotellier at Hotelli Punkaharju and mushroom enthusiast


The Orakas dehydrator helps our restaurant keep seasonal produce and reduces our food waste, as excess produce can be dehydrated for later use.

French shop

Dehydration instructions for users

We have put together instructions for users of the Orakas Food dehydrator on a dedicated page. Familiarise yourself with them and get in touch if you need assistance. The dehydrator's manual can also help in drying out foodstuffs, as it specifically lists typical dehydration times.

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We make dehydratiing useful plants easy - order an Orakas dehydrator!

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