Efficient food dehydrators for businesses

Orakas Tuotteet Oy sess food dehydrators to businesses. Not only are outr dehydrators ecological and of the highest quality, but they are also exceptiopnally efficient. All dehydrators for businesses are bespoke and tailor-made, so they will fit the needs of your business like a glove. Get acquainted our models on offer and their features -- and request a quote.

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Big Orakas (5600)

Big Orakas (product number 5600) is a perfect fit for large kitchens, food professionals and various industrial uses. With the help of this appliance, you can ensure a longer shelf life and can even discover new products for your business. Did you know that nutrients and flavours do not disappear during dehydration? It can even intensify the flavours!


The dehydrator's drying section is insulated. Big Orakas is a Key Flag product.

Technical information:


  • Size 92 x 96 x 176 cm

  • Output 6,5 kw 3n 400 V

  • Drying capacity 1.1m²

  • Drying surface area approx. 6m²

  • Available in dark brown

  • Weight: 150kg

  • Two (2) years' warranty

  • Hyötykasvikuivuri Iso Orakas
  • Iso Orakas 5600

Double Orakas (5521)

Our Double Orakas model is also a perfect fit for commercial usage. This model is a Basic Orakas (product number 5521) which has been expanded with a set of 5 additional racks. The price of the unit is 665€ incl. 24% VAT.

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Testimonies of Orakas Food Dehydrators for businesses

Many restaurateurs and food industry professionals have already tried and tested Orakas Food Dehydrators and and seen that they are of great assistance in preserving raw foodstuffs andd in reducing food waste.

Our dehydrators are also ecological in many ways: they consume very little energy and are highly durable. With our help, you can reduce your company's carbon footprint. We have gathered together some testimonials of dehydrators on our website (Finnish only). Go and have a look and don't hesitate to ask us for more information!

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Food dehydrators held keep raw food stuffs for longer, and even provide new opportunities for your business. We sell food dehydrators to businesses.

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