Food dehydrators for a variety of uses in the home

Orakas Tuotteet Oy sells food dehydrators to private households, so you can dry berries, mushrooms and garden vegetables in our handy dehydrators at home or at your summer cabin. You can even dry out fish, meat and flowers. Dehydrating natural produce is ecological - you can get your favourite seasonal foods to last longer by using our exceedingly environmentally-friendly appliance. Dehydration also opens up new possibilities for food preparation! By dehydrating your raw foodstuffs, you can preserve their vitamins and flavours.

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Basic Orakas (5521)

Basic Orakas (5521) is a Finnish Key Flag product, meaning it is made in Finland. The dehydrator's energy consumtion depends on the produce's moisture levels, size, how densely the shelves are packed and the temperature used. For example, funnel chanterelle 1.6 kWh / 1kg evaporated water or apples 2.6 kWh / 1kg evaporated water.


Price 565.00€ incl. 24% VAT

Technical information:


  • Size 34 x 34 x 69 cm

  • Drying capacity 40 ltr

  • Drying surface area 0.5 m², with extra racks approx. 1m²

  • Weight 12kg

  • Output 1 100 W 1N ~230 V

  • Available in black and green

  • Drying racks 5 pcs

  • Thermostat controlled

  • Main switch

  • Signal light

  • Two (2) years' warranty

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Double Orakas (Basic Orakas 5521 + packet of additional racks)

Are you after a dehydrator to meet more demanding requirements? Are you passionate about mushrooms, berries and garden vegetables? You can now get a larger version of our basic model!


Double Orakas is our Basic Orakas (5521) + a packet of additional racks, containing five shelves.

Price 665.00€ incl. 24% VAT.

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You can order an Orakas Food Dehydrator straight to your home or summer cabin with no fuss in our webshop. Our handy, durable dehydrator is only a few clicks away! All our products come with two years' warranty. We offer fast delivery throughout Finland.

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Whether you're drying out produce from nature of your own back garden, Orakas Tuotteet Oy sells food dehydrators for your household needs.

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