Drying instructions – Here's how to use the Orakas Food Dehydrator

Orakas Tuotteet Oy has put together instructions for Orakas users. With the help of our instructions, you can save seasonal flavours and nutrients sustainably and ecologically.

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Drying with the Orakas Food Dehydrator

The time require for dehydration varies dependingg on the product's properties, such as its thickness, relative moisture, how it was gathered and the temperature in the dehydrator. The Orakas Food Dehydrator features stepless temperature adjustment ranging from room temperature to 50°C

Tea leaves and herbs require 2-6 hours; mushrooms and roots 3-8 hours; and berries 10-50 hours. It is worth halving gooseberries before dehydration. Thin fish filets dry out in 6-7 hours and thin meat cuts take 6-10 hours. The dehydrator can accomodate approx. 4-5kg of diced mushrooms, 20 litres of herbs such as nettles, and around 7 litres of blueberries.


Products will never dry out too much when using Orakas. A temperature of 35°C maximum is recommended for herbs and 40°C for mushrooms.


Dried products take less storage space as many dried foodstuffs decrease in volume by 80% and by 90% in weight. For example, one litre of funnel chanterelles produces 30g of dried goods.

Dry out foods and flowers with the Food Dehydrator!

Dehydration is an ecological way to preserve mushrooms, plants, fuits, fish, meat and flowers. Dehydration also helps reduce food waste and creates new opportunities fro your business.

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Dried produce can keep for years

A good storage space is dark, dry and of moderate, consistent temperature. Glass jars make the best storage containers. Read the user's manual and hints & tips with care. 

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Drying out berries, mushrooms and other natural produce is easy with our dehydration instructions.

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